Extremely Important to the successful execution of any major event is its volunteers.  We would like to thank all people who have volunteered to help with the Rocky Mountain Challenge, including:

President Sandra Nielsen
Vice President Crystal Fulcher
Secretary Grace Seufert
Treasurer Linda Riley


Trail Brent Seufert (Chair)
Wayne Delbeke
Keith Thorne
Linda Riley
Jane Depner
Lorrence Aplin
Volunteers Coordination Cyndi Rowat (Chair)
Mary Boulware
Lauri Janz
Promotion & Advertising Cyndi Rowat (Chair)
Pam Asheton
Sponsorship Ownen Fulcher (Chair)
Crystal Fulcher
Fundraising Dave Getzinger (Chair)
Grace Seufert
Ceremonies & Entertainment Kandace Krause (Chair)
Dan French
Brent Seufert
FEI Committee Keith Thorne (Chair)
Joan Harris
Wayne Delbeke
Pony Express Lorrence Aplin (Chair)
Kandace Krause
At Large Karen Badger